Sandra L. Wilson a local real estate broker was searching for an alternative solution for closings in the area. Closings were always performed by attorneys and no closing company's covered this area. Many clients requested a title company to close as it has long been a common practice in other areas, however completely foreign to Tioga County, PA.

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After months of preparation, Serve-U-Settlement opened its doors June 2006.

The new business was quickly embraced by the realtors, and Financial Instutions as a quick, reasonable alternative for closing a property or refinancing a current loan.

June of 2007 David Stewart was hired as a title agent/searcher and Holly Campbell became the closing agent/notary. From that point on the business began to flourish as clients were satisfied with the cost savings, speed by which the closing could be completed, and the professionalism of the staff.

To date Serve-U-Settlement is a thriving business providing unparalleled service to new and repeat clients.